1. Nor’easter: Wreaking Havoc On Your Commercial Roof

    Another nor’easter is back in New Jersey… for the third time in the last two weeks. It is almost like the residents of New Jersey just can't catch a break. As soon as one nor’easter subsides and things begin to seem like they are calming down, another shows up, just before we can fully relax. So we know that a nor’easter is cold, windy, and snowy, but what causes i…Read More

  2. The 5 W’s: Everything You Should Know About Commercial Roofing (Part Two)

    Well, welcome to Part Two and the final blog of our two-part series about all the things you should know about commercial roofing. In our previous blog, we learned about who can complete a commercial roofing project as well as the different types of materials used for commercial roofing. We also established that a roof is more than just a roof, and there are different spec…Read More

  3. The 5 W’s: Everything You Should Know About Commercial Roofing (Part One)

    A roof is a roof, right? The same materials and work that go into building the roof on your home are the same that go into building a commercial building… right? Nope. But don’t worry, this is a common misconception. There are roofing specialists in both residential and commercial roofing, as different materials and designs are used for each project. The roofing indust…Read More

  4. Your Commercial Roofing “Spring Cleaning” Checklist

    As we discussed in a previous post, countless companies and small businesses invest a great deal of time preparing their roofs for the colder winter months, without paying much attention or thought to the preparations that they should make for the warmer spring months. As your go-to company for commercial roof repair in New Jersey, we have compiled a short checklist of “…Read More

  5. It’s the Bomb Cyclone of Death – To Your Commercial Roof

    It's back to work for most of us after the nice, extended holiday. Of course what did we come back to? The most epic super duper cyclone ever to make its presence known in New Jersey. OK, so technically it is called a “Bomb Cyclone” and that is even more awesome! All jokes aside, this has been a pretty serious storm for most of the east coast. I mean, there are literal…Read More

  6. Winter Commercial Roof Considerations (Part 2)

    Previously we discussed the damage that winter can do to your roof. When you look out the window and see gently falling snow, the last thing on your mind is probably your commercial roof. Snow is magical and who doesn't wish for a white Christmas. It lends the landscape to a wonderland of soft edges, swirling wisps of powder and the sunlight glinting off of it surface like…Read More

  7. A new roof protects your home from the weather, get yours from S&S Roofing

    Winter Prep For Your Commercial Roof

    If you want to know when winter is going to hit us here in the Atlantic region just keep looking at the sky and wait. Of course the old adage of the weather stick could always apply and there are those who swear by the stick’s ability to predict the weather. It works like this: Find a stick, preferably a chunk with the bark half removed, this improves the readings. Hang …Read More

  8. Wildlife Damage to Your Roof

    Since long before the time the Delaware Indians planted their first crop of squash, the New Jersey forests have been filled with a multitude of critters. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, opossum, and even bears were a food source for Native Americans and settlers alike. These days, with urban areas almost outnumbering the wildlands, these animals have moved, quite comfort…Read More

  9. Hail can damage a roof call S&S Roofing for and Inspection

    Now Is The Time To Maintain Your Roof

    Once again we are on the cusp of cold weather, ice, snow, and the time of year when roofing contractors everywhere talk about how to winterize your commercial roof for winter. The thought process behind this can be broken down to a few different reasons: Snow is coming. Many commercial roofs need love. Of course, reading about winterizing your commercial roof is not genera…Read More

  10. Utilizing Your Commercial Roof

    At S&S Roofing we know how amazing the perfect rooftop can be, of course, we look at a roof much more carefully than most. As far as we are concerned the perfect roof is architecturally perfect, installed properly, and last but not least, impervious to leaks. This is what we strive for on every commercial roofing job be do. Many times we cannot fix the architecture but…Read More