1. Wildlife Damage to Your Roof

    Since long before the time the Delaware Indians planted their first crop of squash, the New Jersey forests have been filled with a multitude of critters. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, opossum, and even bears were a food source for Native Americans and settlers alike. These days, with urban areas almost outnumbering the wildlands, these animals have moved, quite comfort…Read More

  2. Hail can damage a roof call S&S Roofing for and Inspection

    Now Is The Time To Maintain Your Roof

    Once again we are on the cusp of cold weather, ice, snow, and the time of year when roofing contractors everywhere talk about how to winterize your commercial roof for winter. The thought process behind this can be broken down to a few different reasons: Snow is coming. Many commercial roofs need love. Of course, reading about winterizing your commercial roof is not genera…Read More

  3. Utilizing Your Commercial Roof

    At S&S Roofing we know how amazing the perfect rooftop can be, of course, we look at a roof much more carefully than most. As far as we are concerned the perfect roof is architecturally perfect, installed properly, and last but not least, impervious to leaks. This is what we strive for on every commercial roofing job be do. Many times we cannot fix the architecture but…Read More

  4. Spanish style shingles from S&S Roofing

    Some Roofing History

    Previously, we discussed the special skills that a roofer should have in order to excel in the field. In order to be a commercial flat roof installer, one must be of exceptional physical strength and able to work in a variety of weather conditions, everything from driving rain to blistering heat. The crews at S&S Roofing are some of the best in the industry. They are c…Read More

  5. A sealed roof is a dry building, by S&S Roofing

    The Special Skills of a Roofer

    The weather is turning and the back end of summer is almost ready to show itself. Your commercial roof had been subjected to the elements all summer and it is time to think about the upcoming winter. At S&S Roofing, we are your local commercial roofing installation, repair and maintenance leader. We want to remind you that the clock is ticking to have your flat roof ma…Read More

  6. Nondestructive Testing

    As roofing professionals with more than 30 years of experience, many will assume that all we do is swing hammers and slop new tar on the roof. Nothing could be further from the truth. Roofing, like many other things, has grown to depend more and more on technology. At S&S Roofing we realized long ago, if you do not adapt, your business is in trouble. Years ago, many ro…Read More

  7. Does It Make Sense To Install Metal Over Asphalt?

    As local roofing contractors, a big part of our day is spent fixing broken roofs. Sometimes a windstorm tears out lots of shingles. Other times a tree collapses and puts a huge hole right through the roof. Still other times water damage or pests have slowly caused the roof structure to become unsafe and unstable. It’s all in a day’s work for us. But if you’re in that…Read More

  8. Buy A Metal Roof For Earth Day

    This April 22 is Earth Day. It’s a day where we’re reminded that, in ways large and small, our actions have consequences upon our planet. We think that everybody should care about the planet. After all, we have to live here. The good news is, there have been enormous technological innovations when it comes to home engineering and materials. As industrial roofing contra…Read More

  9. Metal Roofing From S&S Roofing

    The Benefits Of a Metal Roof

    When many people think of a roof, they usually think of the traditional asphalt shingle model, or perhaps concrete for an industrial design. If the subject of a metal roof comes up, some folks think of a rickety tin roof and the incessant ratatatatat of rain falling on it. But as one of the premiere roofing contractors in New Jersey, we’re here to tell you a metal roof i…Read More

  10. Hail can damage a roof call S&S Roofing for and Inspection

    5 Things to Remember After Your Roof Sustains Storm Damage

    It should come as no surprise to you to hear that, here in New Jersey, we can get some absolutely vicious storms. It’s one thing to talk about them in the abstract. But it’s quite another if a massive windstorm or snowstorm is bearing down on you and your business.After a nasty weather event hits, and after your facility has taken a hit, all you really need to do is co…Read More