As much as we hate to admit it, the winter season is right around the corner. The upcoming fall season is an important time for property managers to make sure that their commercial roofing system will stand up to the upcoming conditions. Winter weather can take a toll on a commercial roofing system, causing bothersome problems for business owners and facility managers. Because of this, the fall is a great time to schedule a commercial roof inspection and ensure that damages or other concerning issues are addressed before the snow begins to fall.

If you are unsure whether or not your roofing system is in need of repair, learning about the most common commercial roofing problems can help you identify potential issues or ensure that your roof is free of damage. Ignoring roofing issues and skipping on a professional roof inspection in the fall can bring about any major issues during the cold months, leaving you with expensive roof repairs or even the need for commercial roof replacement.

What to Expect During A Commercial Roofing Inspection

Considering the role a roof plays in the protection of everyone and everything within a commercial building, it’s essential that business owners and facility managers maintain the condition of their roof. Natural elements can cause wear on a roofing system over the years. Avoiding the proper care and maintenance can lead to issues, such as the development of leaks, often leading to water damage and structural damage. A professional roof inspection is the best way to prevent these issues. Here is what you can inspect from a roofing inspection this fall.

An Interior Roof Inspection

Some roofing problems can be identified from the interior of the building. Some of the things commercial roofing contractors will look for during an interior roof inspection are:

  • Proper Insulation. Roofers will check to ensure the building is properly insulated by assessing the R-value as well as checking the condition of the insulation. Poor installation can potentially cause heat to rise in the winter, causing any snow on a commercial roof to melt, potentially leading to leaks.
  • Efficient Ventilation. Proper ventilation is essential in commercial buildings. Without it, moisture can begin to accumulate, which can lead to the formation of mold, mildew, and rot — all of which can compromise the structural integrity of a commercial roofing system.
  • Leaks. Leaks are important to identify early on, as they can cause more damages as time passes and can potentially result in some serious water damage to the building.  Leaks also indicate which areas the roof is damaged. Additionally, signs of water damage inside the building is a possible indicator of a roof leak.
  • Structural Problems. If a commercial roof is sagging or is allowing natural light through, there are definitely structural problems at hand. Some structural issues with a commercial roof may require replacement.

An Exterior Roof Inspection

Exterior roof inspections are a bit more complex and should always be left to an experienced roofing contractor. While inspecting the exterior of a commercial roof, a roof inspector will look for a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Faulty Flashing. Flashing is meant to prevent water from leaking into open areas on the roof, such as around the chimney or near the vents. During inspections, the flashing is checked to ensure its properly installed and in good condition.
  • The Condition of Roofing Materials. Roofing inspectors will be sure to carefully check the condition of the materials to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues at hand.

A Repair Estimate

One the roofing inspection is complete, your commercial roofing contractor will recommend necessary repairs and provide you with an estimate based on the issues they discovered. Estimates are prepared based on the level of damage to your roof, the cost of replacement materials, and labor. Although it is not required to move forward with the issues, it is highly recommended to have them repaired as they will get worse over time.

Schedule a Commercial Roofing Inspection Today!

The winter will be here before you know it. It is essential to get your commercial roof inspected and have any issues repaired before the winter conditions are in full effect. A professional and thorough inspection will ensure that your roof is in the best condition.

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