Determining The Extent Of Roof Damage

At S&S Roofing, we will inspect your roof both physically and with our exclusive infrared roof scan technology. With our extensive experience and exceptional roof inspectors, we can determine the extent of the damage and how far it can go before a replacement is needed. An inspection is the first course of action when dealing with a questionable roof.

Aging Roofs

Your commercial roof is subject to a number of stressors and environmental deterioration. If a commercial roof has been neglected or been the victim of a severe weather event, many times you have no choice but to replace the entire roof. This is often the best option, as it will help prevent further damage to the establishment. Many times, the last thing on a building owner’s mind is keeping track of the periodic maintenance of their roof, but we assure you it will help. If you need a hand with commercial roof maintenance please contact us so we can get started on a plan to keep your aging roof intact. A roof replacement is an ideal time to upgrade your roof as well, and with our liquid applied roofing system, your new roof will last longer than ever.

Time To Let Your Roof Go

If we do, in fact, determine that your roof must be replaced, you can rest assured that we have exhausted every option. The last thing we would do to a client is recommend a commercial roof replacement when one is not necessary. When there are severe storms or other unfortunate events that damage a lot of roofs in one area, you will undoubtedly get a knock on your door by a roofing repair company you have never heard of. These companies will recommend an outrageously expensive roof replacement and be gone the next day, leaving you with a substandard roof that will not last. So when it is time to let your roof go, trust your hometown commercial roofing company, S&S Roofing for quality and expert roofing services.