The roof of a building is probably one of the most underappreciated aspects of a sturdy structure. The only time you really ever think about your roof is when you notice something wrong with it. Other than that, it just sits above it all, safeguarding you and your building from the elements, and providing an insulated space that keeps you dry and warm when it’s wet and cold out, and shaded and cool when it’s hot and dry out. Your roof is a silent watcher, protecting and serving you when you and your business need it — so why not return the favor and protect and serve your roof?

That’s where S & S Roofing comes in. We are a dedicated roofing service team that understands the importance of a roof, and the importance of providing quality service for that roof. That’s why we have proudly been providing reliable commercial roofing services and repair to New Brunswick, Newark, Edison, and other regions throughout the East Coast for more than 35 years. We offer a wide selection of different roofing services, so take a look below and see how S & S Roofing can start providing quality roofing services for you and your business.

Just a few of the services we are happy to provide include:

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