1. 5 Tips for Preparing Your Commercial Roof for the Spring

    For any business owner, the seasons are an important thing to consider for business operations. Whether it’s your heating bill or the willingness of customers to visit your location in the winter, or your air conditioning bill and the popularity of your service during the summer, all businesses are seasonal to some extent. The winter months might make you consider the st…Read More

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    The Importance of Roof Inspections

    Thirty years ago, S&S Roofing got its start in the roofing industry. Proudly serving New Jersey and the surrounding areas with the finest commercial roofing services available. We provide much more than roofing repair and installation however. S&S Roofing is New Jersey’s most trusted commercial and low-slope roof replacement, restoration, protective coating, patc…Read More

  3. winter metal roof care tips s&s roofing new jersey

    The Care of Your Metal Roof in Winter, Part 2

    The winter is such a beautiful time of year, especially when it snows. If you stand outside at night when it’s snowing, it’s the most awesome silence in the world. When the sun hits the snow, it glistens like a spiderweb with morning dew. Each snowflake is unique, making them even more mesmerizing to watch. And when you’re tucked in your home at night, your metal roo…Read More

  4. winter metal roof care s&s roofing new jersey

    The Care of Your Metal Roof in Winter, Part 1

    Metal roofs are one of the best roofing materials available. They last an incredibly long time, they are environmentally-friendly, being recyclable, and they protect your home from severe inclement weather, such as hail, wind storms, summer rain storms, and the like. Still, despite their reputation, metal roofs still need maintenance to keep them in top-shape. S & S Ro…Read More

  5. New Beginnings – Springtime Roof Restoration

    The inevitable springtime dilemma — to replace, refurbish, or simply reseal your commercial roof. The sands of time can do a number on your roof, but how do you really know what path to take? Springtime is when the damage from a vicious winter finally comes to light, making this one instance where you should not just let your budget do the deciding for you. The roof on y…Read More

  6. Freeze/Thaw Can Decimate A Commercial Roof

    Freeze/Thaw Can Decimate A Commercial Roof Once this snow passes we should be good to go for spring. Doesn’t it seem like we have been saying that for the past 9 months or so? It seems like this winter will never end. Of course, the moment we get hit with a heatwave it will be as if it never happened. This fluctuating weather can be depressing, exciting, and all sorts of…Read More

  7. Animal Damage To Your Commercial Roof – The Usual Suspects

    Last time we opened a bit of discussion about raccoon damage to your commercial roof. This got us to thinking, what other critters are guilty of chewing their way into a commercial roof? At S&S Roofing, we have pretty much seen it all in our more than 30 years serving New Jersey and the surrounding areas. The potential for commercial roof damage that involves various c…Read More

  8. Raccoon Damage To Your Commercial Roof

    You may have noticed the little differences that have occurred in the last few weeks. The bright shiny ball in the sky is back from wherever it went for six months, little green things are starting to pop up in what was once barren, snow-covered areas, and raccoons are frolicking in fields of sunflowers. This time of year is magical — a time of rebirth, a time of fresh s…Read More

  9. Is Solar Right For Your Roof?

    Last time we discussed a bit about solar energy and the impact that it could have on your roof. The bottom line is the fact that, traditionally in our area of New Jersey, solar panels are mounted on the roof of both residential and commercial buildings. This can create some additional considerations if you decide to add solar power to your building infrastructure. There ar…Read More

  10. Installing Solar On Your Commercial Roof

    Lately the big push has been to find alternatives to fossil fuels and one of the emerging front runners of renewable energy is solar energy. At S&S Roofing we understand the need to practice a more green approach to your power needs. Many solar panels are mounted on the roof of a commercial building and you may require our services when deciding whether to mount a sola…Read More