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Roof Recovery

Restoring Your Roof After Roof Damage

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Restore Your Roof and Repair Roof Damage WithQuality Coverage

For many business owners, the last thing on their mind is the roof that helps to protect them, their customers, and their business. S&S Roofing is here to serve all your commercial roofing needs so you don’t have to worry about faulty roofing. With over 30 years of experience, we have the quality roofing expertise you can trust. If you’re looking for exceptional roofing servicing, like roof maintenance or roof replacement, give us a call today.

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Roof Recovery Services

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If you think your roof might be facing deterioration,

here are some signs to keep an eye out for:

Cracked or deteriorated flashing and roof tiles 

flashing is the metal that connects the skylights, vents, and chimneys to the roof. We recommend checking your metal roof flashing every 10 years to ensure that no cracking has taken place. When checking asphalt shingles, make sure the grains are intact and they haven’t been eroded by weather or walking the roof.

Small animals making your roof their home

Raccoons make their home wherever they see fit and have no regard for the integrity of your roof. Squirrels and raccoons can rip off shingles, nest on your roof, and leave excrement. We suggest regularly inspecting your roof to make sure to wildlife has not moved in.

Moss on your roof

While moss can be nice to look at and contribute the aesthetic value to your home, you do not want it on your roof. In the cases of roof protection, it is harmful and causes problems that can be difficult to fix. Moss can grow to become thick sheets that trap rainwater. Moss can destroy shingles and rot roof sheathing.

Debris from your roof

If your roof is extremely damaged, you might see debris from your roof scattered in your yard or littering your gutters. Asphalt shingles and wooden shingles are most prone to damage and stripping. This is an obvious and clear sign that your roof needs to be examined, recovered, and potentially replaced.

Contact with trees and branches 

A liquid applied low-slope roofing system is one of the more innovative and recent developments for roofing systems in the world. It utilizes a spray-on coating membrane that covers your entire roof, and seeps into all the cracks for extra liquid resistance. Not only does it utilize eco-friendly technology that provides incredible weather and heat resistance for your roof, but you can apply it to a deteriorating or dilapidated roof, and save a lot of money by avoiding an entire roof replacement. Learn more about our liquid applied roofing system here.

Roof Recovery

Roof Recovery is possible when the structure under the roof has sustained damage that can be repaired and has not been compromised. After all, your roof keeps your inventory, your employees, and your livelihood from being damaged from the elements and it is important that it is structurally sound. To determine if a roof is a good candidate for recovery, we will send out our inspection team to check out the condition of your roof. We will do a thorough visual inspection and determine the extent of the damage. Our roofing services include an exclusive infrared roof scan to find damage that is not visible to the naked eye. Roof recovery is an excellent option for buildings that have been mildly neglected or slightly damaged. If recovery is not possible, our commercial roofers in New Jersey may need to reroof your establishment to ensure its safety.

Post Recovery

When you have S&S Roofing recover your present roof without a full roof replacement, we may recommend that you upgrade to our liquid applied roofing system over the roof. This will ensure that the roof retains its integrity for years to come. Of course, regular maintenance is recommended for a roof that will last a lifetime. Please contact us for more information about our roof recovery services and general commercial roofing inquiries. We thank you for your business and look forward to performing a roof recover for your commercial building.


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