1. Industrial and Commercial roofs are our specialty

    Identifying Problems with a Commercial Roof

    Signs Your Commercial Roof May Be Failing Too often, identifying an issue with a roof comes late in the game. It tends to be once something has penetrated the flashing, or you start to feel a consistent dripping on your head that you will look into contacting a roofing company. As the buildings first defense against the major elements, the roof is continually exposed and t…Read More

  2. Removing Snow and Ice From Your Roof

    Winter is here and giving us a full-fledged reminder of what the term “bitter cold” truly means. Along with the cold there has been no shortage of snow and ice to accompany it. For commercial roofing, this means there will be no shortage of snow removal and de-icing needed. Knowing how to properly have snow and ice removed from your flat or low-sloped commercial buildi…Read More

  3. Top 8 Reasons for Commercial Roof Failure

    Too often, the only time a roof is mentioned or tended to is when there is an issue, such as a leak or after effects of a storm. There are multiple reasons why a low-slope roof could fail, and fortunately, many of them are common enough that they can be preventable. Let’s take a look at the top eight reasons why a roof would fail, and what could be done to prevent them. …Read More

  4. Roof Materials: Which One & Why

    Looking into a new roof for your business? Whether a new-build or pre-existing, takes a lot of time and consideration. In order to choose the best, most cost-effective and long term solution, there are a lot of facets to look into. Material, cost per square feet, aesthetic, and the slope of the roof are all major components in the decision process. Today we are going to go…Read More

  5. S & S Roofing Handles Wind Damage Repairs!

    While the East Coast is not known for its intense wind storms, long and sustained gusts have been known to happen throughout the year. Any time there’s a storm system moving in, the high winds wreak havoc on many commercial roofs. Though you’re familiar with the risk of water damage from ponding water, heavy ice, and even time, we want you to understand the types of da…Read More

  6. Faulty Flashing & What It Means for Your Roof

    Almost every commercial roof we service at S & S Roofing uses roof flashing to prevent water damage to the roof materials. Like most parts of your commercial roof, the flashing needs to be in excellent condition in order to protect your roof. At S & S Roofing, we understand the importance of roof flashing and will work with you to make sure it’s up to snuff every…Read More

  7. What Speeds Up a Roof’s Deterioration?

    When you had your roof installed, you probably thought that you’d have a system that would last for decades. While a properly installed commercial roof can give your building many years of protection, it must be inspected and repaired frequently. Routine maintenance from S & S Roofing can help you keep your roof in great condition for many years to come. However, whe…Read More

  8. Get Your Roof Inspected Before Snow Fall!

    Now that fall is in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about roof maintenance. On the East Coast, the cooler weather often brings with it rain, snow, and an abundance of fallen leaves that all spell trouble for your business’s roof. Rather than accepting that leaks are a fact of life, let the commercial roof repair experts at S & S Roofing help! Our fall inspe…Read More

  9. Should You Repair Your Roof or Replace It?

    At S & S Roofing, we’ll do everything we can to keep your roof in good condition for as long as possible. Our routine maintenance and inspections allow us to stay on top of any damage before it becomes a major issue. While regular maintenance can extend the life of your roof, there will inevitably come a time when you’re faced with a choice between repairing your r…Read More

  10. Common Problems with Low-Slope Roofs

    As a Top Rated Local® commercial roofing expert in New Jersey, we’ve seen just about every maintenance challenge and problem possible. Since flat roofs are one of the most popular roof systems for commercial spaces, we’re familiar with the unique maintenance and repair needs for your business. While all roofing systems have their own common issues, flat roofs are diff…Read More