When you are in the roofing business, particularly in New Jersey, there is a lot of talk about the weather. At S&S Roofing, we live and die by the weather. The weather is responsible for the majority of our business, as the instances of meteor strikes are somewhat rare in this hemisphere. In the spring, the weather can drive our roofing season into a fever pitch if the weather was bad enough during the winter. We will be busy with repairs, re roofing, and routine maintenance. Our spring and summers simply fly by, and are over before we know it; but as the saying goes, make hay while the sun is shining. Roofing to us is a lifestyle, we love being able to provide our commercial clients with the peace of mind knowing that their roof is protecting their businesses.

Protect Your Livelihood

Opening a business is often referred to as “hanging out a shingle” and many times the building becomes a symbol of the businesses that operate under its protection. Yet, in many cases, the roof is the most underappreciated part of the business as a whole. Would you  neglect your front door if it was not working properly? Of course not, a damaged front door could lead to break-ins and inventory loss.

A neglected commercial roof could present the same issues, if not more catastrophic. Protecting your roof is one of the best things you can do for your commercial building. And S&S Roofing is with you every step of the way.

Roof Inspections

Having your roof inspected is a necessary part of yearly maintenance on your building. Just like you blow out the irrigation system every fall, you should have one of the professional roofing inspectors check out your roof before winter. Commercial roofing, flat roofs in particular, require an inspector that knows what to look for, as they are much more vulnerable to the forces of weather.

Our inspection team has many years of experience in flat/commercial roofing inspection services and can make sure that your roof is ready to face the brutal New Jersey winter. While we cannot guarantee that your roof will make it through unscathed, we can ensure that it will have the best chance to fight off the winter onslaught.

Inspection Schedules

No only do you need to make sure that your roof is capable enough to handle the winter, but must conform with local codes and compliance. With the S&S Roofing inspection schedule option, you can rest easy knowing that we are on it and will find potential or current issues that other inspection companies may gloss over.

A yearly inspection from S&S Roofing is a comprehensive process in which we gather as much information as possible before giving your roof a clean bill of health. While it is not invasive to your business, we do spend a good deal of time on research, which makes inspections much more likely to spot potential issues.

Infrared Roof Scanning

When we do find what may be a potential issue, there are a few ways to go about the next step in the process. We can physically go in and start the process, or we can use the newest tool in our roof inspection arsenal — infrared roof scanning. A boon for the roofing industry, we can obtain an accurate representation of what is going on with your roof.

More specifically, we can pinpoint problem areas that might not be visible to the naked eye. An infrared image is incredibly convenient and can save massive amounts of time. When a problem is suspected, before infrared roof scans, the only way to find out how severe the issue was, it was necessary to tear into the roof itself. Scans can detect small issues that may become big problems or what may appear as big problems that are really very minor. Even if you haven’t had an issue with your roof, an infrared scan can reveal deficiencies in the insulation and structural problems that can be addressed quickly before they become massive, unexpected issues.     

The Clock Is Ticking                       

With the time changes, generally the rule is to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. This year, make a decision to have your commercial roof inspected by the professionals at S&S Roofing. While we can’t predict the weather, we can make sure that your roof is capable of withstanding the worst old Mother Nature can throw at it. Please contact us today for more information about our pre-winter inspection services and yearly maintenance opportunities. Just one inspection could save your business from a winter of insurance claims and damaged inventory. When you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your commercial building is in order you can proudly say, “Let it snow!”