Innovative Technology, to Support Your Business

Thermal imaging with infrared technology might not be one of the newest inventions that we have created as a society, but it has served a number of industries in incredible ways. The technology was invented right after World War 1 for anti-air defense purposes, to capture the heat signatures of bombers flying overhead and create a visual image that can be seen with our human eyes. Nowadays, it’s used in all types of industries and for a variety of purposes, including commercial roofing. The infrared technology allows our roof specialists to see potential issues and damage, especially issues that might not be visible to the naked eye otherwise.

Non-Invasive, Yet Fully Thorough

The most impressive aspect of infrared roof scanning technology is how in-depth and thorough it is for being completely non-invasive. Thermal imaging with infrared roof scanning technology allows our team of roof specialists to get an in-depth look at the specific condition of your roof. The thermal images can show where potential leaks, moisture deposits, or damage may have occurred, in places that otherwise would only be viewable by tearing up the panels of your roof. Instead of removing and invading your business and tearing up your roof, infrared thermal imaging technology allows us to let technology work for us, provide the larger thermal picture, and give you the full understanding of what your commercial roof needs. Technology expedites and improves a variety of things, and we would love to expedite and improve any service we provide to our commercial roof clients.

Get the Commercial Roof Service You Need

Thermal imaging with infrared technology provides the quality and thoroughness level of inspection you need. If your commercial roof is in need of inspection, don’t you want the most thorough and effective inspection possible? With our infrared roof scan technology, we will find any potential issue or damage worth finding. And if/when we do, we also have a team of experienced and passionate roof specialists that can provide the repair or service you need. We are proud to be a “one stop shop” in New Jersey and the surrounding areas for all things commercial roofing. Contact us to schedule an infrared inspection, and then utilize our quality commercial roofing service, affordable rates, and famous customer service to get your commercial roof in the best condition possible, so you can focus on your business.