If you are a commercial building owner you have probably had a situation that presented itself at the most inopportune time. It could have been a roof leak during a rainstorm, or lost inventory due to a heavy snow. No matter what happened, your roof was probably the culprit, not the weather. You can blame the weather all you want but the cold hard fact is your roof failed. Whether that was due to the lack of maintenance, a bit of damage or just age, these moments can be avoided with a new roof from S&S Roofing.

Metal Roof

Many of us think about metal roofing as not viable for general commercial use, much less residential. The technology of metal roofing has changed drastically in the last 20 years and now it just may be the best choice for your commercial roofing project. The most common industrial roofing style is what is known as the low slope or flat roof system. Contrary to the name, a flat roof is still slightly angled to allow it to shed water. This allows the roof to be more useful and infrastructure like utilities can be mounted to the roof. But more about flat roofs in a bit. A flat roof is perfect for metal roofing and it can be the best choice for your building. Now, metal roofing is not simply flat or corrugated sheets of ugly metal flopped onto the roof, today the options are much more diverse. Metal roofing in 2018 consist of a huge number of possibilities. For instance, if you like the look of tile and slate roofing, there is now metal shingle/slate roofing for both residential and commercial. The options for metal roofing have greatly improved and if you are ready for a change contact S&S Roofing to replace your roof with metal.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Metal roofing is not only great looking, but incredible when it comes to the benefits. The number one benefit is, a metal roof is designed to be extremely long lasting and that has a great impact on your bottom line. While it may cost much more at the outset, if properly maintained, a metal roof can outlast almost any roof out there. Another benefit that makes metal a good choice for your business is that regular roofing is made of asphalt which is derived from petroleum. Metal roofing is generally made of a large amount of recycled material, which makes it a more ecologically sound choice for your roof. Metal roofing is much more energy efficient than normal asphalt shingles. The sun will actually reflect off of a metal roof and help maintain a more comfortable temperature in the building. Metal roofing is also much more durable during inclement weather than its counterparts and many times issues like hail will not damage the roof as much as it would an old style asphalt roof. A metal roof will also increase the value of your building. Many times, it is due to all of the factors that we listed above, as well as the initial cost of a metal roof. The cost, unfortunately, is one of the downsides of a metal roof but do not let that deter you if your facility can benefit from one.    

Get Your Metal Roof Today

At S&S Roofing, we install many different types of roofs and we always try to evaluate whether the client would benefit from a metal roof. Of course, if you do not have a metal roof, we are your local commercial roofing company and we are able to replace or repair your roof no matter what type you currently have. Keeping up with the maintenance of your roof is critical to ensuring its longevity, no matter what type of roof you have currently. We offer an inspection and maintenance program for your commercial roof and we can make sure your roof stays in good shape. So, if you are ready to repair, replace, or simply maintain your roof, contact us today and S&S Roofing will be standing by to help.