With the extraordinarily brutal winter we have endured this year already, come spring, there will probably be all sorts of hidden damage. Things like trees, pipes, and of course roofs, all could potentially have damage to their infrastructure. At S&S Roofing we have been serving the commercial and residential roofing needs of New Jersey and beyond for over 30 years. We specialize in large commercial roofing projects and are equipped to handle major projects. That being said, we are also happy to acquiesce anyone that may need roofing work or maintenance, both residential and commercial. With our wide variety of services we offer everything you need for your roof. In the spirit of roof care, we wanted to talk a bit about the unseen dangers that can damage your roof, to know the outside forces that can strike out of nowhere.       


Thunderstorms are cool. We can all picture those summer evenings when the sky opens up, lightning streaks through the sky and thunder echoes across the countryside. As cool as thunderstorms are, they can be extremely damaging to your roof. Particularly that strange phenomenon known as hail. Hail forms when a thunderstorm is thick enough to begin convection. This is the process in which warm air rises and cold air sinks within the storm, creating a turbulent up and down motion. Hail begins as a raindrop and gets caught up in the convection a hailstone is lifted up and down in the storm, growing bigger with each cycle. Eventually the hailstone becomes too heavy for the storm to contain it and it falls to earth  — right onto your commercial roof. Hail damage is super sneaky as it can look fairly innocuous, but in reality can result in much more damage. Unfortunately there is not much you can do about hail damage but regular inspections will identify problem areas and a plan of action can be implemented.


What do you suppose is one of the most damaging, naturally occurring causes of roof damage? If you said trees, you would be right. Trees are part of the landscape and are generally pretty sturdy but unfortunately trees do not live forever and when they do die, can cause massive damage.  

Spring snow storms are the worst on the trees and can cause quite a bit of damage, not only to your commercial roof but to the integrity of the tree.

Water infiltrates tiny cracks in the bark, freezing and causing the cracks to expand, allowing more water into the area. More freezing causes more expansion of the crack and weakening of the junction of the branch. Heavy, wet snow will stress these already fragile unions and cause the branch to fail. If you are lucky this branch will fall on a patch of grass, nice and neat, without imminent danger to anyone. Of course, depending on the location that tree could fall right on top of your commercial building and cause massive damage.

While there is nothing that a commercial roofer can do for your roof until it is too late, your trees should be a consideration when thinking about roof care. If you have any trees on your property that can potentially reach your building if it fell over or a branch falls off, these trees should be cared for on a regular basis. A certified arborist is the only way you want to go and not a tree service. An arborist is trained in the best interest of the physiology of the tree, down to a systems level. A good arborist can be invaluable when it comes to preventing roof damage from dead or dying trees.    


It is often called the world’s greatest solvent — given enough time, water can eat just about anything, and this includes your roof. Aside from damage, the worst possible way to ruin a roof is though inadequate drainage. All roofs, whether they are low slope or pitched, need to have proper drainage. If the water is allowed to remain on the roof, any area that will let in water will become saturated. When water gets underneath the roofing into the actual roof itself, the result could be leaks and roof failure. Quarterly inspections can identify issues with drainage and like the other potential problems, be rectified with proper maintenance.        

Stay tuned for more about the unseen forces damaging your roof that you may not have thought about. In the meantime, contact your local commercial roofing contractor S&S Roofing for any of your roofing needs. We have the experience and the expertise to make your roof as good as new, no matter how bad off it is. We take pride in providing the absolute best customer service for our clients and take pride in serving the New Jersey area. Give us a call today!