Winters in New Jersey can be tough, especially if you have been waiting all summer to get your roof replaced. Well fortunately, you may be in luck as the commercial roofing professionals at S&S Roofing Inc. are standing by to rehab that tired roof and rejuvenate it back to its original glory. No matter what type of commercial roofing service your need, we can help. From resealing your low slope or flat roof to shingling a traditional roof, we have you covered. But don’t wait until it gets too cold.

Roofing in the Cold

If we are being honest, roofing your own home or business can be a major project. If you have a large commercial building, it can be downright impossible for a do-it-yourself project. Without the proper know-how and experience, a major roofing job can turn into a nightmare, especially if the weather turns nasty. If you have lived around here for as long as we have, you know what we are talking about and we have been servicing the roofing needs of the East Coast for more than 30 years. We take great pride in the hundreds of roofs we have replaced, repaired or otherwise refurbished. The best time to replace or repair your roof is obviously during the nice warm summer months when the window for good weather is much larger. Sure, roofing can be done in the winter, but the preparations are much more involved and the work can take much longer. Aside from the weather spontaneously dumping what could be a blizzard on the jobsite there are quite a few reasons why roofing is not done more in the winter months.


Roofing is generally done quite high off of the ground and while we use a full range of safety gear and personal protective equipment, conditions can become unsafe rather quickly in the winter. OSHA has outlined a set of guidelines that all roofing contractors must adhere to in order to be certified. OSHA is in charge of determining safety guidelines for the workplace, and surprise inspections are common in the roofing industry. In order to be in compliance, all safety measures must be in place in order to continue the project. OSHA can actually shut down a job site at any time due to safety violations and that includes weather. We employ some of the best roofers in the industry and we have a reputation for being a desirable company to work for, in short, we care about our employees and never want to see them in harm’s way. In addition to the OSHA standards, we have our own rigorous safety program to ensure that our employees, and any bystanders, remain safe at all times. We utilize fall protection on our jobs and inclement weather can mitigate the effectiveness of normal safety gear, creating additional hazards. Not to mention that working outside in the blowing snow is not good for employee health.


Roofing as a whole is a game of sealing up the roof in order to keep the water out of the building. While nails and screws are just fine under completely dry conditions, they will not effectively seal the roofing materials from the elements. To adequately protect the building below, a roof must be completely waterproof and able to shed water effectively. To accomplish this, a wide range of adhesives must be utilized. As you can probably guess, these materials do not perform at their best when the weather is extremely cold. It is extremely difficult to make adhesives adhere to cold surfaces when the temperature is below freezing. For example, conventional shingles are mounted on a bed of tar paper that is essentially felt paper impregnated with adhesive. The shingles are made of asphalt with strips of adhesive added at specific intervals. They are secured with wide head nails but ultimately it is the adhesive that keeps the shingle in place. If the temperature is not cooperating, all of the elements do not combine and will not adhere. This will allow moisture to get into the roof and replacement is inevitable.


Flat Roof Replacement from S&S RoofingThe best thing to do when you have a roof leak in the middle of winter is call the professionals. Let us get up on the roof and inspect for damage. We have inspected thousands of roofs and know exactly what to look for, besides getting on your roof in the winter is dangerous. Slips and falls from ice on a roof carry much higher consequences than tripping on the sidewalk. We will evaluate your roof and make a recommendation based on the severity of the damage. Many times the best option is a repair until the weather cooperates and a more permanent solution can be implemented. Make no mistake, the repairs that we make are by no means temporary, but many times a repair is necessary to protect the roof itself. In order for a repair to be effective, you must contact us as soon as you realize that the roof is leaking.                                             

The Window is Closing

As we edge closer into the winter, the time to make the call is now if you have any roof issues. The spots are filling up to get your commercial roof repaired or replaced. If you are considering a replacement roof, be sure and consult with us before commiting to the high cost of the replacement. No matter what you need this fall, S&S Roofing Inc. is your local roofing experts. Contact us today.