When a low-slope roof is constructed, it needs to be built to last. For over three decades, S & S Roofing, Inc. has specialized in low-slope roofing systems. This type of system is also known as flat roofing, and it refers to the slight and gradual pitch of the roof. As a general rule of thumb, a flat roof has a slight pitch of ¼ inch of slope in 1 foot. Simply put, in the measurable space of 1 foot, the roof will rise ¼ of an inch.

There are many types of low-slope roofing alternatives for existing buildings:

  • Roof Recover – This is when a new roofing system is installed over an older, previously installed roof.
  • Roof Replacement – The original roof is torn off and a new system is built on top of the existing deck.

Low-slope roofs are constructed from a few different materials, and we make sure to use only the highest quality. A few different kinds of low-slope roofs are:

  • EPDM – A thermoset rubber based, flexible, weather resistant material that comes in white and black. An EPDM roofing system can be fully secured with bonding adhesive, mechanically attached with fasteners, or ballasted down. The seams of the giant sheets of EPDM are sealed with seam tape. The carbon black is more UV and tear resistant while white the titanium oxide white reflects more of the UV rays and heat. EPDM can last up to 30 years or more with proper installation and maintenance. It is known for its weather resistance and extreme flexibility.

  • Thermoplastic – A single-ply sheet known for its exceptional resistance to UV rays, ozone and weathering damage. It is known for being chemical resistant and reflective to redirect heat.
  • Modified Bitumen – Known for its increased durability to hail and foot traffic. It is made up mostly of tar and asphalt and is applied using torches.
  • Liquid Applied Roofing Systems – “Green” technology coupled with longevity, efficiency and durability create an unparalleled roof system.
Low-Slope Roof Systems

There is no one specific answer to a low-slope roofing problem. As roofing experts, we work with you to determine the best solution depending on what you want and what the roof needs. Awarded Firestone Master Contractor for 16 consecutive years, you can trust your roof is in the right hands. Our team provides unparalleled customer service with the highest quality of products to ensure your investment of a roof is built to last.

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