What is a Low-Slope Roof System?

You may have heard of a low-slope roof system before, but you might be unaware as to what a low-slope roof system is. All roofs have a vertical grade that determines how steep their slope is, and this characteristic influences a variety of factors on how the roof operates and how it maintains functioning condition over time. A low-slope roof system is exactly what it sounds like; it is a roof system that is slightly sloped up, looking nearly flat but without being fully flat. The rule of thumb for a low-slope roof is adding a slight pitch of ¼ inch of slope for every one foot of roof. Simply put, in the measurable space of one foot, the roof will rise ¼ of an inch. Few roofs are actually fully flat, as that can make drainage much more difficult, so a low-slope roof system has the necessary pitch to still offer effective draining. Your roof’s ability to effectively drain is somewhat limited with a low slope roof system, but it’s a trade-off for some of the other benefits of utilizing a low-slope roof system for your business property.

Is a Low-Slope Roof System Right for My Property?

For a question like this, obviously only you as a business owner knows what’s best for your business. A low-slope roof system can offer some incredible benefits for your property, but it comes at the cost of some other features that your specific property situation may require. A business property that utilizes a low-slope roof system can benefit from improved heating and cooling efficiency, as there is less excess air in the attic space which can hinder your buildings ability to heat and cool efficiently. Installation is usually cheaper as low-slope roof systems require less materials and labor, and the near flat slope makes getting on the roof for maintenance much easier and more accessible. However, low-slope roof systems are not as effective at draining water and snow as higher sloped roofs, which means you will need to remove water buildup and debris In order to avoid more severe damage to your roof.