You may have noticed the little differences that have occurred in the last few weeks. The bright shiny ball in the sky is back from wherever it went for six months, little green things are starting to pop up in what were once barren, snow-covered areas, and raccoons are frolicking in fields of sunflowers. This time of year is magical, a time of rebirth, a time of fresh starts, and a time when those frolicking raccoons really get down to business. Last winter was brutal, leaving the New Jersey raccoon population little to do but watch TV and hang out on the couch. (Apparently the kids call it Netflix and chill.) In any case, we are only weeks away from what can be considered a substantial raccoon baby boom on the East Coast.

The Raccoon Dilemma

At S&S Roofing, we have a love/hate relationship with the little critters. Sure, we like them just fine when they are running across the street in the middle of the night, a quick glance and then they are gone. But when we see them (or hear them) in the roof, we get really upset and raccoons are one of the usual suspects when it comes to roof damage. So this puts many of us in a dilemma, we love these critters but when they are destroying our property the only option can seem like extermination. Being your local, commercial roofing contractor, we know a thing or two about securing your roof from raccoons and any other invading creature that may want to use your commercial building as a nursery. This goes for opossums, skunks, squirrels, and foxes. While all of these animals will get into your commercial building if they have a chance, the raccoon can be the most destructive.                    

The Procyon lotor

The Latin name, Procyon lotor, means washer, maybe because they wash their hands, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. (If you have ever tried to get a 7-year-old to wash their hands you know what we are talking about.) The common raccoon is about 15 to 25 pounds but some big ones can tip the scales at over 60 pounds. They are known for raiding trash cans and for their extreme intelligence. The average raccoon will have two to five babies and then the young stay with their mother through the summer and go their own way once it is fall. Raccoons are reported to live for an average of one to three years in the wild, in fact, it is thought that only 50 percent of young raccoons will make it to maturity.

The Roof Eaters

For all of their cute, teddy bear looks, raccoons have an incredibly harsh existence. They are preyed upon by almost every predator on the planet. They are harassed, kicked out, and increasingly, relocated. Yet these stout little bandits always seem to prevail and that is due, primarily to their incredible ability to adapt to their surroundings. Some raccoons live in exclusively in the country and others enjoy life in the city. Those city dwellers are very resourceful when it comes to finding a place to live, and that usually means a nice warm attic somewhere. While most roofs are quite secure, raccoons can make their way into the building the only way they know how, by eating their way in. That’s right, what, raccoons make up for in strength they recover with a pair of sharp teeth and the ability to chew through some of the finest asphalt shingles on the market. Of course they are not just going to sit down and start chewing, generally they locate a weak spot which is why S&S Roofing is telling you about raccoons in the first place. We help you keep your roof secure.                          

Be Certain Your Roof Is Secure With S&S Roofing

While marauding bands of masked beasts that chew their way into your building is not something that owners of commercial buildings generally think of as a threat, we can assure you that it is very real. Fortunately there are steps that can be taken to ensure the security of your roof. S&S Roofing offers comprehensive inspections that will pinpoint any weak spot that may be susceptible to infiltration. Performing these inspections on a regular basis will not only identify potential problems, but allow for repairs to be made. Staying ahead of repairs is the key to saving money down the road.

Infrared Roof Inspection

One of the most effective ways to detect those little problem areas on your roof, the ones that could be a potential problem, is through infrared imaging. This extremely cool technology is used to pinpoint areas on your roof, where damage might not be apparent. This noninvasive technique of roof inspection is a relatively new technology and S&S Roofing is one of the frontrunners in the New Jersey area. Infrared inspections are simple, effective, and doesn’t require pulling up layers of your roof to discover a problem. It works like this: we take a series of images or video of your commercial building utilizing a special infrared camera. Through these images, we are able to determine the weak areas of your roof and pinpoint the areas most susceptible to damage.


While you would never wait five years to change your oil in your car, many commercial building owners will go decades without maintaining their roof. Routine maintenance should be performed on a regular basis in order to ensure that your roof is functioning properly and not allowing water to enter the building itself. When we recommend a reseal it is generally because the roof itself is in good overall shape and simply needs to be protected so no problems arise.

Keeping Out The Raccoons

Some, but not all, raccoon damage will be evident on your roof and if that is the case, one of those fake owls will not work to keep them away, a professional will need to come in and evict them. Raccoons not only destroy your property but also carry diseases and parasites like roundworm and rabies. So just in case you are having second thoughts about being active about your raccoon problem, nothing good can come out of having a family of raccoons living in your business. They leave droppings and urine in their living area, they will chew up electrical wires, and damage insulation. Raccoons can cause massive amounts of damage, make you or your employees sick, and damage stock, getting rid of them is for the best.

Give S&S A Call, We Will Figure Out The Rest

When you discover raccoon damage, (or any other type of damage for that matter) S&S Roofing can help get your business back to normal. No matter how extensive the damage is to your commercial roof, the experts at S&S Roofing will be able to handle it. Roof damage can manifest itself in leaks, drafts, and, strange noises. If any of these issues present themselves please, contact us immediately. The time is now to schedule an inspection before the spring rains cause more damage. We are one of the most trusted commercial roofing professionals on the eastern seaboard, we truly care about our customers, whether they have a 15,000 sq foot warehouse or a 500 square foot shack, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible when having to deal with roof issues. While there is no way to prevent a truly determined raccoon from getting in to your business, there is a lot to be said for taking steps to protect your roof. Contact S&S Roofing today for more information about repairs, resealing, and inspection services, even a whole reroof is possible! As far as the raccoons are concerned, just remember, that desk drawer full of Twinkies will bring them running, best to replace it with kale instead.