The inevitable springtime dilemma — to replace, refurbish, or simply reseal your commercial roof. The sands of time can do a number on your roof, but how do you really know what path to take? Springtime is when the damage from a vicious winter finally comes to light, making this one instance where you should not just let your budget do the deciding for you. The roof on your commercial building is much too valuable to wait until next year for the necessary repairs. After all, it protects your essential infrastructure and your valuable inventory from the elements. You could be experiencing leaks, drafts, and even unexpected rodent infestations. In any case, don’t panic and call one of those cut-rate roofing companies that come to New Jersey every spring. Make sure you contact a reliable, long-standing roofer like S&S Roofing. We have been caring for commercial roofs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and much of the Eastern Seaboard for over 35 years and have expert knowledge about roofing in this climate.

Commercial Roof Inspection

The first box to check off in your springtime roof restoration is determining the needs of your roof in real-time. Don’t rely on the previous year’s inspection report, rather, schedule a new one as soon as possible. Your roof can change drastically from year to year so it is critical to determine the extent of your maintenance cost for the coming year. Our commercial roof inspection services are some of the most complete in the business and we have traditional as well as cutting edge ways to inspect your roof.

Infrared Roof Scans

Sometimes, roof inspections can mean tearing up a part of the roof that really cannot handle additional abuse. One of the more comprehensive inspection services includes our infrared roof scan. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive means of determining the condition of your commercial roof and detects problems that the naket eye can’t see. You can check for moisture deposits, leaks, and other damage! These scans have proven to be very effective for determining an action plan for your roofing maintenance budget. We definitely recommend comprehensive infrared roof scans each year in addition to monitoring.

Roofing Recovery

Just because your roof has sustained damage does not necessarily mean a full replacement is necessary. In many cases, we can actually restore your roof for much less than a new roof would cost. Roof recovery consists of actually restoring the parts of the roof that may have been damaged or may potentially cause a problem in the future. This option can be determined after a thorough inspection and infrared scan is complete, but we have had great success with roofing recovery.

There Are Options

If you are pretty sure that your roof is beyond help and there is nothing that can be done, it is time to have the professionals at S&S Roofing take a look. We offer the most complete commercial roofing services anywhere and we are fully equipped to handle any type of roofing issue you may encounter. The experts at S&S Roofing are waiting for your call to get started today. Contact us today and we will get to work!