Preventative maintenance is crucial to your commercial or low-slope roof’s longevity. While many people believe that the material installed on your roof determines the lifespan of the roof, the reality is that regular maintenance is the real key. By performing annual maintenance, your material warranty remains valid with the manufacturer, the life of the roof itself is extended, and you have the opportunity to correct a potential leak before it occurs. Investing in the longevity of your commercial and low-slope roofing systems through routine maintenance and inspections, is the best way to ensure it stays strong and safe throughout it’s lifespan.

While many business owners have their roofs inspected only after a leak has occurred, preventative maintenance will help proactively identify and implement early corrective solutions to problems before they cause irreversible damage. This could save the physical integrity of the roof and save you thousands on more extensive repairs or replacements.

A few reasons why commercial roofs fail are:

  • Ponding Water
  • Ultraviolet and Solar Radiation
  • Clogged Drainage
  • Foot Traffic
  • Improper Installation
  • Lack of Maintenance

Hard at work at S&S RoofingThe National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends the most effective way to keep a roof performing for a long period of time is for the building owner to have a long-term relationship with a professional commercial roofing contractor, just like S & S Roofing, Inc. Our job is to make sure your roof remains up to code in order to maximize its life by using high quality products, and gaining your trust through high quality customer service. Investing in your roof is investing in your business.

Inspection Schedules

Whether it’s due to damage, making sure your building is code compliant, or you simply need an annual inspection, our thoroughly trained inspection team takes the time to advise you of the best course of action. We’re New Jersey’s experts in commercial and low-slope roof replacement, restoration, protective coatings, patches, repairs, liquid applied roofing systems, and preventative maintenance designed to extend the life and health of your roofing system.

During an inspection, we’ll check the overall condition of the roof, including the condition of the roofing materials themselves, as well as any flashing points for structural integrity. Through our infrared method, we are able to scan the roofing system for leaks, with absolutely no invasive measures taken.

We can also provide estimates for:

  • EPDM roof replacements and repairs
  • Modified bitumen roof replacements and repairs
  • Thermoplastic roof replacements and repairs
  • Built-up roof replacement and repairs

Once we complete the estimate, we will advise you of the smartest and most cost-effective plan to get your roof back in shape. We’ll also send you an estimate detailing all of the relevant information and estimated expenses. You’ll have all the information you need to budget correctly and make sure you get the most out of your roof.

Infrared Roof Scans

Infrared thermal imaging is the process in which the surface temperatures of an object are turned into a visual image. Thermal imaging measures IR, or infrared energy and converts the data into corresponding temperature maps. Since everything above the temperature of absolute zero (-459.6 degrees Fahrenheit) radiates heat, including cold objects, infrared cameras are able to provide precise measurements and readings.

Why are IR scans useful for roofs?

Thermal imaging is able to detect problems the naked eye can’t see. It’s a non-invasive means of viewing the condition of buildings, by providing immediate high-resolution thermal imagery. With it, you can check roofs and buildings for moisture deposits, leaks, and other damage. Without using IR, the only way to check for this issue would be to physically tear apart the structure to see inside.

Commercial Roofing Services

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