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Thirty years ago, S&S Roofing got its start in the roofing industry. Proudly serving New Jersey and the surrounding areas with the finest commercial roofing services available. We provide much more than roofing repair and installation however. S&S Roofing is New Jersey’s most trusted commercial and low-slope roof replacement, restoration, protective coating, patching, repairs, liquid applied roofing systems, and preventative maintenance contractor; designed to extend the life and health of your roofing system.

The Often Overlooked Commercial Roof

The most overlooked component of any commercial building, large or small, is the roof. Ordinarily, this is due to the architecture itself, but generally, it is simply because a commercial roof is not a highly trafficked area and damage can easily go unnoticed—that is, until a major issue presents itself. When roof damage is evident inside of the building, the cost of repair goes up considerably. This is why a comprehensive inspection schedule is critical to keeping your commercial roof in the best shape possible.       

Inspection Schedules

Whether it’s due to damage, making sure your building is code compliant, or you simply need an annual inspection, our thoroughly trained inspection team takes the time to advise you of the best course of action.

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The Inspection Process

During an inspection, we’ll check the overall condition of the roof, including the condition of the roofing materials themselves, as well as any flashing points for structural integrity. Through our infrared method, we are able to scan the roofing system for leaks, with absolutely no invasive measures taken. In addition to our infrared inspection, our professional roofing inspectors will canvas known points of weakness in all commercial roofing systems. It is through extensive experience that we are able to provide the most complete commercial roof inspection service available.

Please contact us for more information about yearly inspections, maintenance and our wide variety of commercial roofing services.     

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