winter metal roof care s&s roofing new jersey

Metal roofs are one of the best roofing materials available. They last an incredibly long time, they are environmentally-friendly, being recyclable, and they protect your home from severe inclement weather, such as hail, wind storms, summer rain storms, and the like. Still, despite their reputation, metal roofs still need maintenance to keep them in top-shape.

S & S Roofing, Inc offers the best commercial roofing installations, repairs, and maintenance. Based out of New Jersey, we serve all of the East Coast with high-quality roofs, including metal roofs. Below, we’ll offer up some care tips for your New Jersey metal roof during the long winter months. Contact us today for a free quote on metal roof repairs and service!


Pay Attention to Ventilation

Ice dams are serious threats to homes and roofs that are not properly insulated. Ice dams are formed when there is warm air in the center of the roof and colder air near the eaves. This causes the snow that is on your metal roof to melt. However, the snow near the eaves does not melt and a combination of the snow blocking the way and the colder edges of the roof causes that snow to form into ice instead of draining away.

As the winter progresses, this cycle can continue, except that the warmer temperatures in your attic can cause the snow melt to never freeze, which then causes a pool of water being held up behind your ice dam. As you know, roofs are not designed to hold water for very long. Thus, you run the risk of water finding any cracks or holes at all in your roof, which can then enter your attic and cause major damage throughout your home. Thus, S & S Roofing in New Jersey recommends that you check to ensure your attic’s insulation is uniform throughout your roof, which will help to keep it all at the same temperature and prevent ice dams from forming.

Install Snow Guards

Snow guards are devices installed on roofs that are designed to keep snow and/or ice from falling off in huge chunks and possibly hurting people, or damaging plants below. Because of the texture of your metal roof, they do a wonderful job of collecting snow throughout the winter, which can lead to huge pile ups. You can either broom or remove the snow when it does begin to accumulate, or install snow guards that allow the snow to break apart into smaller sections so they will be less dangerous and more likely to fall off sooner rather than later.


S & S Roofing in New Jersey offers the best commercial roofing services to fit your roofing needs. From roof maintenance and repair to roof replacements and infrared roof scans, we can help you have the best roof for your customers. For over 35 years, we’ve been installing metal roofs in New Jersey, as well as helping customers care for their metal roof in the winter. If you are in need of a roof inspection to ensure the health of your metal roof, give us a call today!