OUr office, the flat roof experts at S&S RoofingReplacing your business’s roof is not an easy undertaking, but it will have to happen at some point. While traditional asphalt shingle roofs will last for a decade or two, the shingles are prone to damage and require routine maintenance and repairs. Upgrading your older roof with a new metal option may be the best bet for your business. Not only are metal roofs more energy efficient and durable than their shingle cousins, they’re also available in a variety of colors to suit your business’s exterior.

Picking a Color

If you have a distinct color scheme on the outside of your building, consider picking a metal color that will complement your existing exterior. Often, it’s possible to find a color that matches your logo or your exterior trim, giving your building a unified look. Prior to picking a color, be sure to check for any local ordinances restricting color or roofing material.

Does Color Matter?

The color of your roof is really just a matter of personal preference rather than a statement of the energy efficiency of your building. Ultimately, all metal roofs are designed to be energy efficient, and the color of the metal should not make much of a difference in your heating and cooling costs. What truly makes the difference is the amount of insulation you have between the roof and your attic. With proper insulation, a metal roof will be more efficient than asphalt or tile shingles, and will be just as quiet during severe weather.

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