Lately the big push has been to find alternatives to fossil fuels and one of the emerging front runners of renewable energy is solar energy. At S&S Roofing we understand the need to practice a more green approach to your power needs. Many solar panels are mounted on the roof of a commercial building and you may require our services when deciding whether to mount a solar system on your building.

Rooftop Solar Panels

Depending on your needs, and where your building is located, you are generally going to want to mount solar panels on your roof. Many buildings, especially here in New Jersey are not able to accommodate solar panels on the property unless they are mounted in the roof. This is due to the way the sun hits the property as well as the extra space solar panels take up when mounted on the ground, the roof is generally the best option. This has the advantage of not only maximizing space on your property, but protecting your roof as well.

Determining The Integrity Of Your Commercial Roof

When you have decided that mounting solar panels on your roof is a good idea, the first thing you should do is have a thorough roof inspection performed before installation commences. As much as the solar company will tell you that they are roofing experts, an inspection by S&S Roofing should be first on the list. While solar panels are great for protecting the roof from the elements, you must make sure that your commercial roof is in good shape before installation. A thorough inspection, in addition to an infrared roof scan, is the ideal way to determine if your roof should be replaced or repaired before installing solar panels.

Your Roof On Solar

The solar panels must be mounted to an extremely stable and sealed surface. Many times we will recommend a full sealant treatment for your commercial roof if installing solar panels. Solar panels are actually quite heavy and may require reinforcement of your roof before installation. The work must be done before the solar panels are installed to prevent potential issues down the road. If your roof is not in the necessary shape to support the solar panels, catastrophic failure could result. It is entirely possible that you will need a full roof replacement before installing solar panels.     

Trust S&S Roofing For Your Pre-Solar Inspection

Many times a solar company will not know what they are looking for or do not take the time to perform a proper inspection on your roof. This is one of the worst mistakes that many commercial building owners make when installing a solar array on their roof. An inspection from S&S Roofing will cover the integrity of the roof as well as its lifespan. If we determine that a roof will need replacement in the next year or so, the best time to perform that replacement is prior to installing the solar setup. So if you are considering solar as an energy alternative for your commercial building, contact S&S Roofing today for a thorough inspection and rest easy knowing your roof is able to handle the installation.