1. 5 Tips for Preparing Your Commercial Roof for the Spring

    For any business owner, the seasons are an important thing to consider for business operations. Whether it’s your heating bill or the willingness of customers to visit your location in the winter, or your air conditioning bill and the popularity of your service during the summer, all businesses are seasonal to some extent. The winter months might make you consider the st…Read More

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    The Care of Your Metal Roof in Winter, Part 2

    The winter is such a beautiful time of year, especially when it snows. If you stand outside at night when it’s snowing, it’s the most awesome silence in the world. When the sun hits the snow, it glistens like a spiderweb with morning dew. Each snowflake is unique, making them even more mesmerizing to watch. And when you’re tucked in your home at night, your metal roo…Read More

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    The Care of Your Metal Roof in Winter, Part 1

    Metal roofs are one of the best roofing materials available. They last an incredibly long time, they are environmentally-friendly, being recyclable, and they protect your home from severe inclement weather, such as hail, wind storms, summer rain storms, and the like. Still, despite their reputation, metal roofs still need maintenance to keep them in top-shape. S & S Ro…Read More

  4. The Time Is Now To Consider a New Commercial Roof

    In our last blog, we discussed a bit about how, as roofers we are constantly involved with the weather. We watch the weather to keep our installation crews safe from lightning, we can blame the weather for tearing off newly replaced shingles, and we can thank the fall weather for relief from the summer heat. Winter weather on the other hand is a whole different animal and …Read More

  5. Stay Safe With A New Metal Roof

    If you are a commercial building owner you have probably had a situation that presented itself at the most inopportune time. It could have been a roof leak during a rainstorm, or lost inventory due to a heavy snow. No matter what happened, your roof was probably the culprit, not the weather. You can blame the weather all you want but the cold hard fact is your roof failed.…Read More

  6. Signs Your Business Needs Commercial Roof Replacement

    Commercial roofing is essential for keeping your business safe from the elements. When properly cared for and maintained, commercial roofing materials will remain durable and last for years to come. But, eventually, there will come a time when the roofing materials begin to deteriorate or become damaged past the point of repair. For business owners and facility managers, t…Read More

  7. What to Expect During A Commercial Roofing Inspection

    As much as we hate to admit it, the winter season is right around the corner. The upcoming fall season is an important time for property managers to make sure that their commercial roofing system will stand up to the upcoming conditions. Winter weather can take a toll on a commercial roofing system, causing bothersome problems for business owners and facility managers. Bec…Read More

  8. The Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance

    Just as regular home maintenance is vital to the integrity of a home, maintaining a commercial space is essential to the success of a business. Maintaining any party of a structure is one of the main duties of a facility manager, but regular roof maintenance is especially critical to ensure the total integrity of the building. Each day, commercial roofs are exposed to weat…Read More

  9. It’s the Bomb Cyclone of Death – To Your Commercial Roof

    It's back to work for most of us after the nice, extended holiday. Of course what did we come back to? The most epic super duper cyclone ever to make its presence known in New Jersey. OK, so technically it is called a “Bomb Cyclone” and that is even more awesome! All jokes aside, this has been a pretty serious storm for most of the east coast. I mean, there are literal…Read More

  10. Winter Commercial Roof Considerations (Part 2)

    Previously we discussed the damage that winter can do to your roof. When you look out the window and see gently falling snow, the last thing on your mind is probably your commercial roof. Snow is magical and who doesn't wish for a white Christmas. It lends the landscape to a wonderland of soft edges, swirling wisps of powder and the sunlight glinting off of it surface like…Read More